Gear – Filter system for 17mm TSE

For a long time now I have wanted to make better use of my fabulous 17mm TSE Lens. The only thing that has been holding me back is finding a filter system that would allow me to use the full range of movements. I have finally bitten the bullet and bought 165mm Firecrest filters and a Lucroit filter holder. These will largely, but not entirely, supersede my use of Lee filters with this lens.

During my research I noticed a lot of discussion on the Internet forums regarding suitable filters for the 17mm TSE lens so I decided to share what I have learned so far in comparing the two systems.

Gear – Arca Swiss style tripod quick release

Like a lot of people, I paid insufficient attention when buying my first tripod and ended up with a cheap job that was neither convenient to lug around nor sufficiently stable to justify the effort. So I rarely used my tripod and my photography suffered for it.

When it came to the inevitable upgrade, I put a bit more effort into research. I found out a bit about materials and stiffness, but also about tripod heads and quick release systems. This resulted in me buying a set of legs by Manfrotto, but without one of their heads. Like many manufacturers, Manfrotto have a proprietary quick release system which is not compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment. I matched my Manfrotto legs with a ball head by Really Right Stuff, who use the Arca Swiss standard for quick release clamps and plates. Every piece of support equipment I have bought since also complies with the Arca Swiss standard. My aluminium Manfrotto legs have long been assigned to home use as I acquired configurations of carbon fibre, and a variety of new heads for different jobs. But, with an ever increasing range of manufacturers adopting the Arca Swiss standard, everything I have is completely interchangeable. This enormously simplifies life when out in the field making photographs.

Gear – Tenba Reload Pouches

Unfortunately I am not the neatest of photographers and I often end up stuffing small bits of kit into random pockets or parts of my camera bag. This sometimes makes it difficult for me to stay organised out in the field. These small and apparently insignificant pouches from Tenba Tools have really helped me out.

The Tenba Tools Reload pouches for batteries and memory cards have vastly simplified my life when out in the field trying to capture the light and not worry about equipment and accessories.
Tenba Reload Battery 2 – around £10-£12
Tenba Reload Universal – around £15-£16