Bristol Channel Shipping

Over a number of recent visits to the coast I have become increasingly interested in shipping movements. Vessels on the sea add tremendous interest to the scenes I have shot. I have had ships appear at fortuitous moments in my image making in the past, such as the panorama below, but had never planned to make specific photos of ships.

Recently, through various internet searches I have found a source of real time shipping movements in the Bristol Channel and have started to incorporate these into my shoot planning. Getting out and watching the shipping in the Channel and River Severn has given me a real appreciation for the skills of the Masters and Pilots that manoeuvre these vessels through one of the most challenging waterways in the world.

I have always been interested in photographing the man-made structures of our coastline. Now being able to include shipping makes much more sense of their purpose. The combination of weather, water and now shipping will, I hope, make for even more dynamic and unrepeatable images.

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