I have a small selection of my very favourite images for sale as limited edition triptychs.


This triptych was created on a once in a lifetime trip to the Galapagos. We were due to go snorkelling on a remote reef, but my wife didn’t fancy the icy water. I stayed behind with her in the boat and tried (and failed) to find some interesting shots of birds on the few surface rocks. However, it was in looking down that I got my real inspiration. Eventually, these three entirely separate images came together to create a triptych with a beautiful flow across the piece. This kindled both my love of abstracts and of ephemera in my photographs, leading me to my Turbulent Planet explorations and ultimately to Fugitive Light.

Ghosts of Park Royal

This next triptych was created in a North London photography studio after a devastating fire. In my day-job, I was engaged as engineer for the reconstruction. As a photographer it was a haunting experience surveying the building. I could recognise the design and purpose of the remaining structures and fittings even though they were extensively damaged by fire, water and the tools of the clean up crews. What really drew me to creating these images however was the patination created by the soot and mud on the few remaining undamaged surfaces.


This triptych started life as part of my Turbulent Planet project, to capture the vagaries of water and weather along the British coastline. On this particular evening, lowering clouds had pinched the open sky off to a sliver at the horizon. When the setting sun burst through I was unable to catch the moody shots I was after, but for just a few moments the intense red light reflected off the water under the spray and foam of the waves. I caught a half dozen shots and the light was gone.

These triptychs are issued as premium gallery acrylic prints. A premium photographic print is laminated behind acrylic glass and supplied frameless and ready to hang as a floating piece. Each edition will be issued with a certificate of authenticity identifying its number. The final prints will of course be free of the web watermarks. Each edition will be manufactured to order and I will personally check every one for quality before dispatching it on to you, so please allow up to 28 days for production and delivery.

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