Mouthmill, Devon

Another quick trip to North Devon again prompted me to review sunset and tides. This suggested I would have an opportunity to catch the sun setting into the sea touching Hartland Point if I could find the right location. That location turned out to be Mouthmill, the issuance of a small stream from a deep coombe.

Mouthmill is well known for the spectacular Blackchurch Rock, a double arched, inclined sea stack, that used to be a favourite rock climbing venue in my youth. However, on this occasion the tide was too high to get any good shots of Blackchurch which lies a little way off the cliffs.

After the long walk in my disappointment was understandable and I sat down to consider my options. This ended up as nearly half an hour of quiet contemplation, as I became immersed in the rumble and suck of the waves on the pebbles. Once I had overcome my agitation and achieved a more zen state, my eye settled on a collection of driftwood lying in the stream at my feet. I realised that this would make a splendid foreground for a shot that I hadn’t even thought of when I planned the outing. As the sunset developed the colours reflected off both the water and the polished pebbles. Unfortunately the cloud on the horizon was just a little too dense to catch the perfect moment of the sun disk touching both the horizon and the cliff.

Access to Mouthmill involves a good half hour walk from the National Trust Carpark at Brownsham. However, Brownsham Woods offer plenty of photographic opportunities. Even though the return leg of the walk was obviously in the dark, I think it was well worth it. Let me know if you agree.

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