Gower Peninsula

Sunday’s forecast for light clouds or clear skies encouraged me to venture just a little further in search of some sunrise interest and I settled on the Gower in South Wales. I did my calculations and reckoned that, with sunrise so far south at this time of year, I should be able to catch the rising sun side-illuminating the Mumbles Lighthouse. Whats more this would occur over a more or less high tide in the adjacent Bracelet Bay.

In the end things turned out just as I hoped, or maybe a little better with the colour palette of rock, water and sunrise light all working together beautifully.

After fortification with strong coffee and a picnic breakfast I travelled a little further along the peninsula’s coast to the rightly popular Three Cliffs Bay. I find myself less and less interested in shooting during normal daytime hours, but in this case the low altitude sunshine provided really dramatic relief to this rugged landscape. I found myself a viewpoint and simply watched the changing shapes in the water as the waves interacted with the now falling tide. When pleasure boaters showed up to make shapes in the water, my day was complete.

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