Osmington Mills

Yesterday, to mark the end of lockdown, I arranged for some work to take me to the south coast. I left in very good time for my late morning meeting (just before 5am) and headed down through Wiltshire and Dorset

The weather in Bath had been perfect when I left, with wisps of stratus and some convective cloud, but the moon shining through. However the cloud became thicker the further south I got, contrary to the previous evening’s forecast. That blew out my idea of a skycape over minimalist sea, and instead I decided to head to Osmington Mills, somewhere I hadn’t visited before. 

Cruise liners at night

Arriving in total darkness at 6:30 I was amazed to find that the sea was flooded with light from half a dozen cruise liners anchored in Weymouth Bay, extending the line of lights from Weymouth and Portland across the horizon. By the time I had a coffee and got kitted out, a sliver of red light at the horizon suggested that there might just be a minuscule chance of sunrise.

In the end the sunrise was really quite special. The thick cloud cover gave a light that was even bluer than usual pre-dawn. Then for about four minutes the sun rose, filled the clear gap at the horizon and then disappeared again for the rest of the day. During those brief moments a blade of intense golden light sliced across the scenery, creating a range of hues from deep blue through purple and red. 

Osmington Mills Dorset (Doug King)

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  1. It’s a great place Doug but very muddy and slippery approach!

    1. Yes – teetering down the slope in the dark was a bit hairy, even with a head torch!

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