Osmington Mills

Yesterday, to mark the end of lockdown, I arranged for some work to take me to the south coast. I left in very good time (just before 5am) to make it to my late morning meeting and headed down through Wiltshire and Dorset.

The weather in Bath had been perfect when I left, with wisps of stratus and some convective cloud, but the moon shining through. However the cloud became thicker the further south I got, contrary to the previous evening’s forecast. That blew out my idea of a skycape over minimalist sea, and instead I decided to head to Osmington Mills, somewhere I hadn’t visited before. 

Cruise liners at night

Arriving in total darkness at 6:30 I was amazed to find that the sea was flooded with light from half a dozen cruise liners anchored in Weymouth Bay, extending the line of lights from Weymouth and Portland across the horizon. By the time I had a coffee and got kitted out, a sliver of red light at the horizon suggested that there might just be a minuscule chance of sunrise. The sunrise came and went within moments. Fortunately I had slipped and slid my way down the cliff path in total darkness and was ready when a single scalpel like blade of light cut across the land and then the sun vanished for the rest of the day.

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  1. It’s a great place Doug but very muddy and slippery approach!

    1. Yes – teetering down the slope in the dark was a bit hairy, even with a head torch!

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