Madeira – Land of Mountains and Sea

I was incredibly lucky to have booked a trip to Madiera for February. Not only was it the off season for tourists, but within days of returning to the UK we were into Lockdown. Still, it is giving me the chance to play with the images I captured.

Madeira is an awesome island for photography. About the size of Dorset, it rises precipitously from the sea to an altitude of nearly 2000m and then plunges back down again in a distance of just 25km. Madeira is still very young, geologically and therefore quite rough around the edges. This makes for some spectacular scenery.

Having been planning the trip for some time, I was immensely fortunate to happen across a fellow photographer from the UK, Duncan Graham, who was running a workshop during the week we were to be there. (You can find Duncan here.) I figured that joining a workshop would not only alleviate the pressure to find a guide to the best shooting locations, but would be a new experience for me, shooting together with others and exchanging ideas.

In the end however, the other party due to join Duncan cancelled at the last minute and so the workshop became just the two of us. This did however relieve some of the pressure that Duncan would have been under to deliver the best group shooting experience. I was happy for Duncan to abandon his carefully planned schedule and to lose shooting time in some photogenic locations in order to simply chase the best opportunities presented by the weather and light. This resulted in some inefficient backward and forward movement around the island, but I was extremely happy with the outcomes.

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