Location – Orford Ness, Suffolk


I treated myself to a trip to the East Coast of England last weekend. My specific objective was an overnight stay on Orford Ness to experience all the weird shingle bound dereliction of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment both at sunset and sunrise. The trip was courtesy of the National Trust, which organises one or two special events for photographers each year. Our hosts: John, Simon and Rob were extremely knowledgeable about both the history of the site and the wildlife.

Derelict buildings and industrial detritus litter the site of the former Atomic Weapons Research Establishment on the shingle spit at Orford Ness in Suffolk. (Doug King)

This is not a trip for the casual photographer. The bunkhouse is comfortable enough, but basic. Bunk beds are included but no bedding so bring your own, but you won’t want to sleep much as the light is amazing even well before dawn!

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